Sin By Proxy EP

by Cassida Pax

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" Drenched in the utmost dreamiest elements possible, the tracks on the EP are constructed of impossibly catchy and dreamy guitar melodies that cascade over casually sung lyrics of provocative romantic seduction while emitting an overall ’80s lo-fi bedroom-pop and hazy new wave vibe. Every single track on the EP is marvelous, we’ve never melted into an EP like this before. It’s an absolute pleasure spinning this EP, plain and simple."
- Hearing Gold

"Dreamy, cloudy. Distant pop, subtle new wave tension. 1980's inspiration, dance party illusion. Ideas made, attempts broken. Love along with disappointment, sincerity and hope. Sleeping in long enough to only see the sun set, making the night your day and forgetting what you missed. Blinded by the city lights during your drive, without a prominent destination. Cassida Pax's 'Sin By Proxy' EP is the soundtrack to careless attraction, smeared by the lipstick of an indie darling."
-Sincerely, California

"There’s a certain aesthetic that comes along with a lot of lo-fi music and while I feel like it can be an acquired taste for some, there’s something about Los Angeles’ Cassida Pax that’s incredibly alluring and endearing and it goes way beyond the grainy and fuzzy quality of the recordings. Throughout the sentimental 80’s undertones, dreamy guitar harmonies, and hazy vocals, lies a distinctive honesty and sincerity that surrounds everything that you hear from Cassida Pax and it all helps to make his style that much more enjoyable. His sound tightly wraps itself around you while slowly seeping into your mind and illuminating the most dimly lit parts of it and all the while, it’s as if you’re captured in a dream that you never want to wake up from"
-Cassette Rewind


released September 3, 2011


tags: pop Orange


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Cassida Pax Orange, California

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Track Name: Virago
I wanna be inside of you
I wanna touch you in the parking lot
I wanna see you every night
Cuz it washed away
Pain in me a
And it felt so good
As you can see

If anything you'd only want me once
If anything you'd make a lovely sound
If anything I'd love to lay you down
With you salty sweat
On my touch
And your juicy thighs
So fucking long
Track Name: Her
Taking advice from all the popular friends she has
"Show off the big and wonderful tits you have"
Guys love to watch as her breasts tumble out

Seeking attention from a daddy she never had
Lifting her skirt for any young boy who asked
They took advantage of my little girl

Staying out late and drinking until she falls asleep
One guy a night would forcibly fill her deep
Still, she says one ain't enough, "I want more"

One day I'll find her up on one of my favorite sites
Right there amongst the amateurs that they love
I'll look away and I'll hope it ain't her
Track Name: Clinging Moments
Trying hard not to think of you
And all the kinky thing's we'd do
But it feels good when I squeeze it out

I was your first and you were mine
But that was in a different time
Now your legs spread for another man

Don't even wanna say your name
Wishing you'd always stay the same
For it pains me that you're changing now

All of the things we planned to do
All of the things I did for you
Well they're all part of a broken past

One thing's for sure, I'll always have
Images of you in the bath
And it feels good when I squeeze it out