Hidden Relations EP

by Cassida Pax

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"An innocent display of 4 no-fi new-wave jams on the surface; under close scrutiny, each song's dark, seductive underbelly is revealed. Juggling focus between dreamy, warped pop and musical catharsis. Echoing chimes bob and weave far above with an angelic sense of frailty. Stacey's vocals have an enervated quality to them, as if delivering his last words in lyrical form."
-Half Gifts

"There are bright keys dancing in a light pink cloud of haze. It’s a dream... It’s Cassida Pax. All songs come together as a breath of relief and calmness...an indie gem that dances so softly and vividly. It’s like walking across a garden that has barely bloomed. It’s sweet melancholy and a show of elegance to sadness. This EP drives deep into the mysteries of dreams and feelings. It’s all made by one man named Ricardo Stacey. This is his painting of purity and innocence. You just have to listen to it again and again to understand it."
-The Musical Junkie


released May 9, 2013


tags: pop Orange


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Cassida Pax Orange, California

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Track Name: Alibi
Cumming gently on your shoulder
That’s what does it for me and not your face
I wanna be realistic
Unconcerned by your mouth

Childly wishes make delusions
Hardly having to see what you really do
They helped me through the last year
For now I don’t wanna use them

Surely you could tell the difference
When she told you on the phone “it’s the last night”
I wanted to be the first one
To put my dick inside you
Track Name: My Body, My Excuses
“It’s okay to feel that way”
That’s what you said to me that day
And “I don’t care if all your fears come to life”
But it’s not okay when I feel that way
When I can’t even get out of bed
Anything seems so hard to do
I fucking hate to feel that way
It really hurts to hate your life

What else can I do?
To get on to the next step?
Everyone says things at this age
Come so easily without effort
My effort goes nowhere
I’ve been stuck here
For half a decade
For half a decade
Don’t wanna stay here
I wanna find a new way
To go about the old things
Track Name: Tarnished Reputations
She couldn’t save herself for them
They asked her her name but she didn’t know

And in the end, her silence was broke
They used her all up and nothing was left
So she stepped upon the ledge once more
Really inspired to take this fall

Confusion grows when you don’t know you
Hatred can come out all of your pores
Then came the blade crashing down hard
Ripping the skin away from bone

Everyone tried changing her mind
Giving her pills, well they never helped
I deserve all her punishment
Tear off my flesh and burn it all
Track Name: The Remaining Factor
I guessed again
That I never had what it took to put things in place for you
I just assume
That I am too weak to tell you right to your face, I should
Giving advice
That all sounds so good but I can’t follow it myself
But I should

Can’t you see I’m working? Everyone’s watching
Now I get attention you could never give me
I had never planned it out but this is what I do
Working on the late shift, all the men grope me

I don’t know you
I don’t see you
I’ve been swept off my feet by life’s surprises
And I just go with it
Cuz I can do that
Unlike you

I’ll let you be the strong one
I’ll let you be the important one
This time around
I’ll let you live
I’ll let you be human
I’ll live